Journos in Turkey start new English service from Istanbul

Sometimes social media can give you a bit of a jolt. And so it was this morning when Facebook memories offered this picture in my stream.

MADE class of 2012

A standard class lineup shot it maybe, but behind the smiles to camera is a moment in time which is also a poignant reminder in these days of ‘post truth’ media, Brexit and Trumpism of the dangers that still face journalists around the world.

The picture was taken to mark the end of a course for entrepreneurial journalists in Istanbul as part of the Media and Digital Enterprise* team led by Dr Francois Nel from UCLan.

Earlier that week some of us had gone down to the street below our rented apartment to see the crowds of thousands take part in a peace march (on a route which included going past the Russian Embassy) to protest about Turkey’s involvement in the Syrian crisis.


One of the reasons the course took place in the Turkish city was due to the fact that journalists in that country faced so many difficulties and, even then, unhappily earned recognition for having the most jailed journalists in the developed world. None of us could have imagined how much worse that situation was actually going to get……..

Against this backdrop it was heartening to discover this morning that some of those journalists we were lucky to meet there (along with others from across the city) are determinedly carrying on their important work and getting the news out to a wider audience in the world by publishing this regular Twitter stream in English.

Called JournosInTurkey (follow @JournosInTurkey) it offers English tweets by @Ben_Gazeteciyim, a group of journalists from Turkey for solidarity. They only started a month ago.

Well worth a follow if you are interested in news reporting from that part of the world by journalists on the ground.

* Thanks as ever due to the International Press Institute and Google for their support of the work we were able to carry out there.

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