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  • “”Very small organisations that publish once or twice quarterly don’t need to have Chartbeat on their site,” Nagle said, “because that tool is for analysing traffic patterns and behaviour on a site in real time, so it’s not going to help you make any editorial decisions necessarily if you’re just publishing only every so often.””

    tags: journalism analytics platforms

  • “Geo-located news gathering

    Remember that Instagram is not just about audience engagement and brand awareness, it is also a fantastic place for news gathering and discovering user generated content. Emma Meese, Manager at the Centre for Community Journalism, recommends iOS app Pixifly and website Gramfeed for finding geo-located Instagram posts. She says: “Pixify works with the Google Places API so you can search anywhere in the world via address or key name. You can search the current time or go back to search for potential eyewitnesses from a particular date and time and the search zone ranges from 100 feet to 3 miles away. If you want to send those images to yourself or another team member via email you can share up to four photos via the upload button in the top right corner, which could be useful if you’re covering a breaking news story. Gramfeed allows you to search by location, user and place name, and you can search between specific dates and times, which is also a great tool for finding eyewitnesses to big events or stories.”

    tags: journalism community instagram geo

  • “The reverse option – enabling news consumers to steer the direction of journalistic investigations – seems more plausible and the various non-profit enterprises I’ve mentioned are among those offering examples of ways this might work.”

    tags: journalism business

  • ” The back and forth feels natural and engaging, I found myself wanting to keep reading to find out what was next. All the updates are written by humans, the interactions are designed by people, and it feels that way.

    tags: medium journalism apps chat conversation

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